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Unique amongst psychometric tools, Lumina Spark is a sophisticated, accurate assessment that has advanced the scientific understanding of people and how they behave. Windsor Group is one of only a handful of authorised practitioners in Australia. We offer it to our clients as an invaluable recruitment tool; in specially tailored business development workshops, or as a diagnostic instrument for individual self-improvement.

Lumina Spark gives a truer view of an individual and reveals a much fuller measure of who that person is. We can also predict how s/he can be expected to behave under different workplace conditions and how an Executive will really respond under pressure. Windsor Group uses Lumina Spark in our Executive search processes and offers clients a Lumina Spark portrait for each short-listed C-suite candidate.

Lumina Spark workshops unlock business benefits

Lumina Spark resources can be designed into different types of learning experiences. These include a broad range of training courses, inspirational coaching sessions or in-depth group facilitation.

Using the Lumina portrait as a colourful framework for better self-understanding, these highly interactive and fun workshops – run by fully qualified Lumina experts – enable participants to explore who they really are.

With that enlightening knowledge, participants have the tools they need to improve their personal interactions, productivity and professionalism.

Individual coaching is also available

Lumina Spark is also a very useful diagnostic tool that enables individuals who are keen to identify weak spots, change behaviour, increase capacity and build performance.

I gladly did my Lumina Spark portrait and was delighted with the result. This has given me a newfound confidence to push further ahead in my work as a leader and manager of people
Angela Tillmanns, CEO Cerebral Palsy League