Executive Onboarding is critical to leadership development, performance and sustainability.

Initially considered a means to ‘hit the ground running’ Executive Onboarding enables new leaders to assimilate strategically and become productive sooner. Our onboarding is a program that supports both the client and the new incumbent to give the mutual clarity and understanding necessary to build satisfying long-term outcomes.

Like the captain of a ship, CEOs have no peers to confide in. And since reporting to a Board tends to be infrequent, in-coming Chief Executives often have few ways to self-measure performance until well into their tenure. The resultant uncertainty can lead to misunderstood expectations on both sides.

Onboarding increases stability and heightens organisational performance.

It’s been proven beyond doubt that a good fit plus excellent onboarding leads to far better retention rates.

Evidence suggests that *up to 40% of new CEOs and C-suite executives who are not onboarded, become shaky in the first year and many decide to leave. Departures create cultural damage, costly upheaval and a need to begin the recruitment process all over again.

Our experience shows, that new executives who feel welcome and are properly coached into their role through onboarding support systems, settle faster, produce earlier, contribute more successfully to the firm’s mission – and stay ‘onboard’ longer.

It is crucial that each Onboarding program is specifically designed for your situation.

A renowned executive coach and Lumina Sparks workshop authority will design and deliver our onboarding programs to your explicit needs. If you’d like to know more about how Executive Onboarding (and other performance workshops) can benefit your company, contact us below.