Windsor Group can help you to understand the value of your programs and demonstrate your social impact through evidence based decision making.

When company or program evaluations need to be done, we will recommend the right approach and set you up to succeed. Patient and caring, we can support you to develop and implement high quality, robust evaluations at organisation, programs or initiative level. This will give your organisation a leading edge in decision making in an increasingly competitive market. Our Evaluation Services team can lead and facilitate:

  • Metrics to determine the value of internal evaluation or
  • commission external evaluation
  • A whole of organisation approach to evaluation
  • Performance management for services, programs and personnel
  • Embedding a culture of ethics within all business processes
  • Recruitment of internal evaluators to strengthen the evaluation capacity within your organisation
Our Experience

Our Evaluation Consultants bring cross sector experience in not-for-profit, community, corporate and education, combined with deep disciplinary knowledge and experience in:

  • Evaluation capacity building
  • Program evaluation (for example process evaluation, outcomes evaluation, impact evaluation)
  • Developing evaluation framewroks to meet the cultural needs of your organisation
  • Performance models that identify risk and opportunities
  • Institutional analytics to monitor performance
Our Services

Our experienced Evaluation Consultants can:

  • Build the evaluation capacity of your staff through leading your internal staff to conduct internal evaluations
  • Conduct external evaluations where the organisation requires increased independence and transparency
  • Conduct a needs analysis to determine the current state of evaluation practice within your organisation
  • Lead organisations to develop an institution level evaluation framework with performance indicators and standardised reporting
  • Advise organisations on how to commission evaluations, prepare terms of reference, evaluation criteria and facilitate the selection process
  • Develop position descriptions documents, advertise and recruit evaluators and evaluation teams