We help regain lost ground from an unexpected job loss.

Windsor Group Career Transition is an outplacement program specifically designed to bring a more personal approach to services for outplaced job seekers on all levels. Person-to-person meetings, counselling, a Job Seekers Toolkit and personal encouragement reap excellent dividends.

We apply the Windsor Difference to tailor-make a program suitable to any organisation and the needs of its outplaced employees. Career Transition counselling and coaching is also available to individuals seeking the service on their own behalf.

Through the Career Transition service we apply our culture of caring and personal service to build a toolbox for an individual when they find themselves suddenly out of work. The Windsor program addresses career and lifestyle changes; helps individuals to regain self-esteem and establish achievable short and long term career goals. Job seekers are given the help they need to find another role that dovetails into their aspirations and ambitions. Email and phone support is unconditional and ongoing throughout the course.

The program, which is available on three levels, is delivered in a one-on-one format over a period of between 4 -12 weeks, by trained consultants. These are professionals with significant experience in guiding, advising and counselling clients and candidates in HR matters.

Faced with the inevitable retrenchment of a long serving and highly valued staff member, I felt powerless to offer the right support or suggest how this individual might pick up and go forward. But through its very personal, one-on-one counselling and coaching, the Windsor Outplacement Service met these needs and many more, in the most supportive and respectful way possible. I’d recommend the service to anyone, without reservation.”
Janelle Van De Velde Former Client