Windsor Group provides expert advice, HR services, executive search and recruitment solutions across a range of industries.

Established in 1999, Windsor Group is a human resource and recruitment consultancy with a record of excellence for delivering to the commercial, not-for-profit and government sectors.

Windsor Group provides expert advice, HR services and executive search and staffing solutions for permanent, temporary and contract roles across a range of industries.

Our distinctive caring and personal culture stands out when we’re compared with our counterparts. The team’s personal relationships with clients, candidates and job seekers are built on trust, respect and loyalty. Our clients tell us they return time after time because they benefit from the real value delivered through a personal and responsive service; a commitment to investing our experience, intelligence and expertise on their behalf and a caring and ethical recruitment process free from bias and discrimination.

Why choose Windsor Group?

  • We use in-depth market and industry knowledge to develop strategies and solutions that achieve results.
  • We use our experience and robust recruitment processes to mitigate the risks associated with running recruitment campaigns.
  • We offer access to a unique and comprehensive database.
  • We professionally represent and enhance your brand when implementing strategies and interacting with job seekers.
  • Our ethics are impeccable.
  • We strive to be inclusive and free from discrimination.
  • We are passionate about building the capacity of people and organisations through our social enterprise activity.

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  • Dylys Bertelsen

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Nicola Manson

    Executive Consultant

  • Sarah Matthew

    A/Executive Assistant & Office Manager

  • Our Team

    Our commitment to service excellence is known as ‘the royal service’. Every member of our team consistently provides personal and capable professional care to everyone within the Windsor sphere.

  • Annette Rafter

    Executive Consultant, Temporary Placements

  • Lori Sexton

    Consultant and Outplacement Facilitator

  • Debbie Moylan

    Financial Controller

  • Amy Mose

    Project Officer

  • Nikki Porta

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Jenni Munro

    Communications Manager

  • A tradition of giving back is woven into the fabric of Windsor Group.

    Our commitment to having a positive social impact forms the basis of our social enterprise

    At Windsor Group we are serious about corporate social responsibility. Since inception we have engaged with our clients, candidates and the community to support events, appeals, projects and promotions, whose aim is to have a positive social impact.

    Our social responsibility activities include:

    • educational bursaries, prizes and scholarships
    • learning and networking opportunities for staff at all levels
    • timely public forums on topics of concern
    • event sponsorships
    • direct donations

    This activity has evolved into a social enterprise program of events and networking forums. This program has been developed through collaboration with sector peak bodies and our client partners.


    Windsor gives back through its network of staff, job seekers and other organisations. We have a staff program for charitable gifts, offer scholarships and study bursaries to our job seekers and do pro bono work.


    Commitment to our wider community underpins our interactions at all levels of the organisation. We encourage employees to form groups to participate in fundraising initiatives run by our clients and most of our team donate personal time to causes they believe in. Windsor also sponsors individuals taking part in activities such as ‘Shave for a Cure’.


    At Windsor, we adopt numerous environmental initiatives. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace the widest possible number of ‘green’ practices to promote sustainability.


    Windsor hosts regular forums to expand the capacity of its clients. By offering practical philanthropy these confidential luncheons give decision makers a unique opportunity to meet regularly with peers in a ‘safe’ environment, to openly share knowledge and ideas, issues and find ways for uniting resources.